About the report

Hushly's 2021 Comprehensive Data Analysis Benchmark Report of B2B Content Engagement & Lead Conversions is the first overview of its kind. This annual report looks at traffic on Hushly's customers' website and landing pages in aggregate for the year 2020 and compiles that data into a report across various dimensions. The report includes content engagement performance, lead conversion metrics, visitor behaviors, & lead quality metrics by traffic sources, traffic medium, and device types (mobile & PC). We also put together some post conversion analysis to give marketers the sense for where all the leads came from.

Key Findings

Hushly collected data about web and landing page traffic, content engagement, and conversions. The data revealed that traffic for customers using Hushly was up considerably, as were engagement and conversions over the prior year. Social media represented the best-performing sources of traffic, while Hushly's AI-generated content performed better than customers' native rules based content offers.

Traffic is Up

The year 2020 was a good one for Hushly's customers, with traffic – especially traffic from mobile sources – up considerably over the prior year. For the first time, mobile traffic represented more than 40% of total traffic. PC traffic still dominates during business hours for landing pages and website traffic but on weekends the traffic from mobile increases more than PC and traffic from Social on weekends is 70% mobile. The traffic from social is also highly engaged with our customers primary content offer and Hushly's AI- generated content recommendations.

Engagement and Conversions

The improved content and webform experience on Hushly's customer pages led to significantly higher engagement and conversion across the board. Abandonment Capture saw increased conversions of 25% for those visitors who abandoned traditional landing page forms that were then re-engaged by Hushly's abandonment product.

Social Media is Important

When it comes to social media, which is the highest converting traffic medium, it's clear that Facebook is the big winner. Facebook has the highest engagement and conversions for all social traffic – in fact, it's the highest converting traffic source we saw in 2020 for B2B marketers.

AI Improves Everything

Hushly's Self-Nurturing Landing Pages (SNLPs) lead with the value of your content and not the form. The form is friction, so by offering up a better user experience with content previews, relevant content recommendations from AI, next best content in that stream, and a near frictionless Hushly Smart MicroForm-to lead capture that led to Hushly's Landing Pages converting at 7.27%. The chart below illustrates how All three of Hushy's products stacked up against all of our customers dead end landing pages with their traditional forms.

What Converts Better? Customer Landing Pages & Forms or Hushly Experiences & Smart MicroForm

Several of the metrics examined how Hushly's product offerings compare to customers' marketing automation platform landing pages and traditional web-forms. In all instances, Hushly's products outperforms our customers landing page or form capture by a substantial margin. Even by sticking with your current landing pages and simply applying the Hushly tag for Abandonment our customers saw an immediate increase in lead conversions simply by adding that abandonment safety-net to capture abandoner's before they left.

Self-Nurturing Landing Pages vs. Customer Webforms

Hushly's AI-generated landing pages customize the visitor experience. Compared to a static traditional experience, SNLPs recommend personalized and related content. This results in conversion rates more than double those of traditional web forms – 7.27% for SNLPs vs. 2.98% for traditional landing pages & webforms. SNLPs also provide a 65.2% lift in lead quality, which means more legitimate leads and fewer fake emails entered the marketing automation platform and our customers subsequent lead routing and lead scoring process. Lead Quality is a major friction point for sales so when marketing's automated lead process passes over junk leads its a huge waste of time and resource and not to mention a black eye for marketing. There's no excuse today for passing poor quality leads to sales with all the technologies out there today.

Smart MicroForms vs. Customer Webforms

Hushly's Smart MicroForms is our stand alone product that we offer for those customers who aren't quite ready to replace their Pardot, Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot, etc. landing pages with Hushly SNLP's. The Smart MicroForm can replace the traditional MAP form in real-time simply by inserting a tag. For those customers that opted to go this route on their landing pages they saw an increase immediately simply by reducing the form friction. Plus they can combine that with Abandonment and see an additional lead lift on that same traffic. The Smart MicroForm results in a higher percentage of conversions – 4.21% for Hushly MicroForms vs. 2.98% for traditional customer web forms. MicroForms also provide a 62% lift in lead quality over traditional forms.

Form Abandonment Solutions vs. Customer Webforms

Hushly's Abandonment solutions detects exit-intent on any web or landing page and triggers the Hushly viewer to pop-up and display a preview of the content the visitor came to see prior to exit. Unlike traditional exit intent pop-ups that keep asking visitors to fill out the annoying form, the Hushly pop-up re-engages the visitor with the content while at the same time offering related / recommended content driven by AI and intent to further engage the visitor and get them to convert. By offering that content preview a visitor is able to better make an informed decision on whether or not the content is worth giving up their email address for. The Hushly Abandonment solution saw a average 3.20% conversion rate which was incremental lead lift of 53.5% on average across all our customers in 2020. Considering a 2.98% conversion rate for our customers traditional forms landing pages these incremental lead conversions paid for themselves by reducing their overall CPA & CPL as it was abandonment capture on existing traffic who opted not to fill out their form. Hushly also had a whopping 67.5% lift in lead quality from landing page abandoner's.

Conversion Rates for Different Traffic Medium

What conversion rates should customers expect for different types of Hushly solutions? It varies depending on where the traffic originated. Search Traffic and Unknown Traffic represent 70% of the total traffic that customers had in 2020. Below is a graphical breakdown for how Hushly's Conversion Rates (CVR) by product.

The Right Content Matters

It's clear that the type of asset offered affects both content engagement and conversion, although those two metrics don't always align. This chart above encompasses the top 14 types of assets that had the highest percentage of traffic engaging with them in the Hushly platform. The list is actually quite a bit longer but as you might imagine the numbers start to trail off so we stuck with these. Note: Video, Product Tour, Webinar, and Demo are all video based media.

In terms of content engagement, the best-performing asset type has video assets as number 1 & 2. Demo pages (46%), product tours (44%), articles (43%), magazines (41%), and videos (40%). Its not quite surprising that video based assets have 3 sitting in the top 5 best types of content that drives engagement.

When it comes to lead conversions, the ranking is somewhat different, with articles being far and away the best-converting content, with a 10.8% conversion rate. Demos and brochures also had good conversion rates (5.8% and 5.7%, respectively), although significantly lower than articles. Every other asset you can think that's not on the list shown converts under 2%.

What we learned from this data? Articles and demos are good for both engaging visitors and converting those visitors into enriched and verifiable leads. All of these assets have a place in the buying stage which can also impact the conversion and engagement metrics so keep that in mind. Just because a solution brief or case study has lower engagement and lower conversion doesn't mean its not working. In fact those are very late buying stage assets and if we apply that lens to look at stages of buying I bet we'd see a higher correlation to close/won business and sales acceleration. Perhaps the next update report we'll go into that as we're seeing early adopters of ABM solutions lean towards account buying stage for content offers so this will be something we'll have statistically relevant data for in 2021.


Traffic Medium Performance

How traffic medium performance compares between abandoned pages and Hushly pages.