Un-Gated Conversion: Get the Lead Without Diminishing the Experience

High-quality content is one of the best ways to market your business, increase conversion rates, and turn site visitors into loyal customers.

Unfortunately, visitors don’t always have access to this information because it’s considered “gated content”.

That’s why, these days, more marketers are focused on getting an un-gated conversion instead. What does that mean?

Gated Content – the Drawbacks Tend to Outweigh the Benefits

In the past, marketers would offer high-quality, gated content only to visitors who first provided their valuable information via a traditional form. Typically, this would include:  

  • Name
  • Company
  • Tile
  • Phone number
  • Email address

For example, a person might come to your website and see a form field instead of an article, eBook, or video. To view anything, they’d need to fill in the form, which could have countless fields.

Marketers now focus on getting an un-gated conversion. They offer as much value as possible before asking for a site visitor’s personal information.

How does un-gated content lead to conversions?

Un-Gated Conversion: Why Your Audience Will Appreciate This Type of Content

Hushly has made getting un-gated conversions easy.

When a person comes to your site, they’re able to access all pages of the content or selected pages that you’ve decided to un-gate. Potential customers will be able to read an entire article or watch a full video if you so choose.

Once finished, they’ll likely want to save or share the amazing content you’ve created. It’s at this point that Hushly will ask them for a single business email address and country. 

This will give you the lead you need without taking away from the visitor’s content engagement experience. 

Quality Content Is King – Don’t Hide It from Potential Leads

Allowing access to your high-quality content without first getting personal information results in higher conversion rates.

Now someone can read your content and then decideto download that asset after they’ve read it, simply by providing their business email.

Today, you’re likely not getting any leads from un-gated content. Hushly offers a better user experience that will help you convertleads from your exceptional un-gated content.

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