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Comprehensive Data Analysis: Benchmark Report of B2B Content Engagement & Lead Conversions begins by analyzing the performance across traffic mediums – search, direct links, internal links, social media, and unknown. Content engagement and lead conversion performance is then compared across each traffic medium to illustrate how each traffic medium performs. The data that shows how various traffic mediums perform based on the type of landing page provided (standard MAP landing page & webform) , Hushly's abandonment solution which includes Hushly Smart MicroForm on traditional MAP landing pages, or a stand-alone Hushly's Self-Nurturing Landing Page (SNLP). Hushly's Abandonment solution and SNLP also have AI recommended content and non AI recommended content although we didn't dive into the specifics in the report. We stuck with AI recommended content as it out performed fairly extensively.

Abandonment Solution

Hushly's Abandonment solution captures visitors who abandoned one of our customers forms on a landing page but were then intercepted and saved by Hushly's Abandonment solution. For all traffic mediums, Hushly was able to re-engage a portion of those visitors with a personalized content offer and subsequent content preview which led to increased lead conversion and asset downloads. We did this for our customers simply by showing landing page abandoners a content preview and providing a great way re-engage them with the content they came to see and reduced friction to increase the conversions with our Smart MicroForm technology.

Traffic by Medium

There are five traffic mediums that lead into customers web and landing pages. The chart above is a breakdown of what Hushly saw in aggregate total across its customer base over the course of 1 year (2020) on our customers own landing pages where we played the role of being a safety-net to capture abandoners.

The majority of traffic that results in Hushly's abandonment product triggering (40.4%) comes from search engines. Direct links represent 13.9% of this traffic, internal page links 11.4%, and social media 3.3%. The remaining 31% come from an unknown medium.

Content Engagement

Visitor engagement tracks when a visitor scrolls past the first page of content. Social media has the highest percent of traffic engaged, at 41.8%. Unknown is second most enaged with 37.26% of that traffic engaged with content. Direct links are the third-most engaged at 32.5%; internal links closely follow with 32.2% of traffic engaged. Traffic generated from search engines has the lowest engagement rate, at just 28.1% of total traffic.


Conversion measures the number of Hushly submits compared to the total traffic sessions. As with engagement, social media has the highest conversion rate percent, at 13.6%. Internal links also have a high conversion rate (5.7%), followed by direct input (3.9%) and search (3.2%).


Hushly tracks net new leads, which is a human-verified lead that is not currently in the customer's database. All traffic mediums deliver a high percentage of net new leads, with social media leading the pack at 73.6%. Search delivers 65.1%, internal links 54.4%, direct links 48%. Hushly also measures lead quality lift, which is the percentage of invalid emails/leads that Hushly prevented from polluting a customer's MAP or CRM.

Hushly's lead quality lift across traffic mediums have lead quality lift rates above 60% with some in the 80% range so if lead quality matters to your organization then know that we prevented a bunch of garbage emails from even entering our customers database and lead routing processes.


Finally, Hushly tracks engagement with and downloading of key assets from the customers' site, by traffic medium. Social media has both the highest engagement (39.7%) and the highest conversion (10.8%) rates for the primary assets associated with a webform. All other traffic mediums have engagement rates for the primary assets above 25% and conversion rates between 2.3% and 3.8%.

Recommended assets present an opportunity to put additional content offers in front of visitors, and it's here that Hushly's abandonment content shines above all those other abandonment solutions that simply pop-up a box and tell you to go back and fill out the form. Content engagement rates for recommended content range from 8.8% for internal links to 4% for traffic from social media.

Hushly Self-Nurturing Landing Pages

Compared to a landing page with traditional webform, Hushly's Self-Nurturing Landing Pages (SNLPs) contain a Smart MicroForm for reduced friction and personalized content off that can be done via artificial intelligence (AI) or 3rd party intent data to better engage and convert visitors. Hushly tracked the same data for its SNLPs as we did for abandonment – and saw considerably improved performance. Also, the data was interesting as the traffic patterns changed a bit as you can see from the data below.

Traffic by Medium

The majority of traffic to Hushly's SNLPs (61.2%) comes from direct links – customers entering the URL of the page. Search represents 9.2% of this traffic, while internal page links and social media combine for just 7.5%. The remaining 22.1% come from unknown sources.


In terms of engagement, search engines deliver the highest engagement rate, at 64.3%. Internal links represent the second-most engaged with medium at 42.8%; social media closely follows with 41.9% engagement. Traffic generated from direct links has the lowest engagement rate, at just 34.3%.


Internal links have the highest conversion rate, at 13.4%. Search also has a high conversion rate (11.8%), followed by direct (5.8%) and social (5.4%).


Analyzing net new leads we found that social media leads the pack at 65.1%. Search delivers 59.4%, internal links 53.8%, and direct traffic 42.7%.

All traffic mediums deliver a lead quality lift in excess of 55% on average. Direct traffic offers the highest lift, at 68.6%, with search at 56.5%.

Put simply, more than half of the submits were total garbage that we thwarted in real-time on the page with our smart microform. Only the highest quality lead got published int our customers marketing automation platform. Those leads were business emails, opted-in, enriched and human-verified.


Examining primary assets, search engines deliver the highest engagement rate, at 62.5%. Social media has a 41.1% engagement rate, internal links 38.7%, and direct traffic 26.5%. The ranking is a little different when it comes to conversion (downloading); internal links have the highest conversion rate, at 13.4%, followed by search (10.6%), social media (4.8%), and direct links (4.7%).

Engagement with recommended assets ranges from 2% for social media to 23% for internal links. Conversion of recommended assets ranges from 0.8% for social media to 5.9% for internal links.

Comparing Hushly Product Performance by Traffic Medium

The results are telling when data for traditional form pages with exit intent are compared with Hushly's self-nurturing landing pages. Almost universally, performance is significantly better for Hushly's hosted product rather than for our customers' form landing pages with Hushly's abandonment offering. Considering that they both work the data shows that SNLP's outperform. In other words, it's better to start with your content on a modern landing page than to use those old dead-end landing pages from your marketing automation platform and add an abandonment safety-net afterwards.


Engagement with Hushly SNLPs is higher than with intercepted abandonments across all traffic mediums. Search (64.3% vs. 28.1%), internal links (42.8% vs. 32.5%), social media (41.9% vs. 41.8%), and direct links (34.3% vs. 32.2%) and all deliver higher engagement with Hushly landing pages. The highest improvements come with traffic from search engines and internal links.


A similar comparison of conversion rates shows that Hushly SNLPs perform considerably better than a traditional form page with Hushly abandonment active. The key point to remember in all this is that the form conversions are only 2.98% on average across all mediums. So these comparisons are really looking through the lens of which of Hushly products actually works better than another as they both work better than just a form by itself. This is true with internal links (13.4% vs. 5.7%), search (11.8% vs. 3.2%), and direct links (5.8% vs. 3.9%). Only social media performed better with abandoned content (5.4% vs. 13.6%).


The data is similar comparing asset conversion. Hushly SNLPs deliver higher conversion rates for primary assets across all traffic medium except social media. Internal links (13.4% vs. 3.8%), search (10.6% vs. 2.3%), and direct links (4.7% vs. 2.9%) all show higher download rates with Hushly SNLPs. Only social media (4.8% vs. 10.8%) records higher conversion with abandonment interceptions.

SNLPs also deliver consistently higher conversion rates for recommended assets. Internal (5.9% vs. 1.9%), search (2.5% vs. 0.8%), and direct (2.2% vs. 1%) all perform better with Hushly SNLPs. The only exception is social media (0.8% vs. 2.9%), which has a higher conversion rate with abandonment interceptions.


Mobile Performance:

How device types play a role in content engagement and lead conversion.