Okta Generated 126% Increase in Net-New Leads using Hushly

 Okta Solved Form Abandonment While Producing More leads 

Okta was converting 10% of their website traffic (organic, paid, referral and social), which meant that 90% of the traffic was abandoning their landing pages without taking any action.


However, only 0.47% of the converted traffic were net-new contacts and half of these intentionally submitted erroneous contact information or non-business email addresses. This required more time from marketing to review and “scrub” leads before passing them on to Sales Development Representatives.


The opportunity for the marketing team was to find a solution that would help them solve this 90% form abandonment problem while producing more and higher quality net-new leads.

“Hushly is an essential element of our martech stack. Not only do we convert abandoning visitors into more net-new leads, we receive human-verified, enriched business profiles, too.”
Lennard Fischer, Vice President of Global Demand Generation at Okta