Not All Visitors Are Created Equal: How to Improve Mobile Conversions

Do you find that your mobile conversion rate is not up to par with your desktop conversion rate?

If so, it’s time to focus on mobile conversions.  

Not all of your site visitors are created equal. Those who visit from their phones or tablets have different wants, needs, and expectations than those who visit from their desktop.

You won’t get great results by using the same strategy for both groups of people. Instead, you need to focus on mobile conversion optimization – something that’s easy with Hushly.

Mobile Conversion Optimization – Hushly Makes the Experience More Mobile-Friendly

Do you know what mobile users crave? They want content fast, and they want to get it in a way that’s easy and uncomplicated.

How can you provide this? It’s easy – use Hushly.

Hushly developers know that mobile phone and tablet users will not fill out a traditional opt-in form on their smartphone. It’s just not going to happen.

Thankfully, Hushly detects when someone visits your site from a mobile device and flips the experience for them. Here’s how.

  • Traditional forms are a big turn off for mobile users. Hushly eliminates them, showing an image with a call to action instead.
  • We pre-populate the visitor’s email address for them if we already know who they are.
  • Hushly also offers personalized and relevant related content for the user.

Another step towards mobile conversion optimization is to create an enhanced business profile for the user. You can access this information on your marketing automation platform. It will allow you to provide more personalized content for those users.

Nearly 80% of social media time happens on smartphones or tablets! With so many people on their mobile devices, it’s imperative that you do what you can to improve mobile conversions. Hushly can help.

With Hushly you will:
  • Eliminate the form on mobile… removing a big distraction and turn off for mobile users.
  • Allow mobile user to preview your content in real-time… removing the need for pinching, zooming, scrolling to fill out the form
  • Create a unique advantage to significantly increase conversions from mobile or tablet traffic via any traffic source.
  • Offer additional personalized and relevant related content for the user which can be triggered only for mobile traffic if desired.

Engage Mobile Users to Receive Incredible Lead Conversion Results

If you’re focusing all of your conversion efforts on your desktop visitors, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

Making your website more mobile friendly and catering to the likes and needs of mobile users will result in some amazing mobile conversions. 

You can increase your lead conversion rate by 53% simply with mobile conversion optimization.

Remember that mobile users need things to be fast and easy. Provide that on your website, and you’ll soon start to see better conversion rates.

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