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Engage With Interactive Content

Traditional document download requirements impact mobile & desktop engagement. Serving your content to your prospects through the Hushly web/tablet/mobile viewer makes it easier for them to engage, removes barriers like slow data connections and plugin-dependencies, and makes all of your content accessible and linkable just like a web page.

Interactive Marketing Content
Content Recommendation

Recommend Related Content

Prospects will consume more than one piece of content in a single session when presented with related/recommended content.

Hushly enables you to package related/recommended content into a seamless user experience, through the Husly web/table/mobile viewer, and capture more Opt-In Leads

Flip Lead Capture

A whopping majority (9 out of 10)  of web site visitors have form-rage. They either abandon or lie when asked to submit info on Web Forms.  When prospects abandon web-forms your valuable content (e-books, whitepapers, analyst reports, recorded webinars, …), meant to influence your prospects decision, does not get read and hence decays. Further Mickey-Mouse leads captured pollute your target segmentation, lead scoring and routing.

Hushly, flips the traditional submit-info-then-get-content user interaction model.  First, Hushly liberates and amplifies your content by enabling web site visitors to preview your valuable content (2-3 pages of your e-book or 1-2 minutes of your recorded webinar).  Then, for prospects who self qualify based on the relevancy of your content,  Hushly delivers full access to your content to your prospects verified business email.

Double OptIn

Business Verified Email and Double Opt-In

With traditional web forms a user can be added to your mailing list with personal emails, bad addresses and possibly generate spam complaints from subscribers who don’t remember signing up.

With Hushly, a user first has to verify their business email against Hushly’s blacklist database of personal/free emails and then has to click on the email link delivered to their business email to get access to your full content. Further users have to double opt-in for countries that mandate double opt-in.

Convert Web Form Abandoners

With our exit-intent technology, you will be able to convert your abandoning visitors into Opt-In Leads or just engage them to stay on your website. Did you know that more than 75% of people who leave your site will never return? Thus, it is now more important than ever to engage and retain to your visitors. In most cases, this means that 90-95% of your marketing efforts are being wasted. You will lose money in customer acquisition, and your conversion rate will drop each month. Let us help you convert your abandoning visitors into leads!

Convert WebForm Abandoners
Lead Enrichment

Lead Enrichment and Human Verification

We will automatically add important information to the Leads that were caputured through our Experiences. Leads will be appended with fields like Company Name, Company Size, Role, LinkedIn Profile URL and more.

Our data librarians verify each and every Lead manually to make sure that lead data is accurate before it is published to your Marketing Automation System.

Integrates with Major Marketing Platforms

Hushly integrates with the major Marketing Platforms and CRM tools.Leads captured by Hushly are auto-enriched, verified  and automatically published to your existing Marketing Platforms and CRM Tools

Hushly Integrations

Built-in Analytics

Know everything from visits to conversions with insight analytics. We provide a detailed dashboard to track how many visitors have been coverted, what are your top performing content and experiences

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