3 Easy Ways to Improve Your B2B Content Marketing

b2b content marketing image with "content marketing" surrounded by various technology icons

Have you spent precious time, energy, and money building a B2B content marketing strategy that’s going nowhere? It’s one of the worst feelings, especially if you notice your competitors aren’t suffering from the same problem. That’s why you must make every effort to improve your company’s content marketing right away. 3 Best Ways to Fix […]

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3 Easy Ways to Drop Your Cost Per Lead

cost per lead image showing the word "LEAD" in bright pink color sitting on top of stacks of dollar bills

Far too often, B2B companies treat their conversion rates as the most important metric to watch. While there’s absolutely no doubt you should always work on improving your conversion rates, that won’t necessarily lead to a better bottom line. When companies forget to monitor their cost per lead (CPL), they run the risk of seeing […]

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How to Improve Your B2B PPC Lead Generation

ppc lead generation image with a monitor showing the acronym "PPC" and a white arrow, with stacks of dollars next to it

Pay-per-click (PPC) lead generation is supposed to be the lifeblood of most B2B marketing campaigns. Sure, content marketing is still important. The same goes for solid SEO to bring in organic traffic. But everyone knows that PPC ads should be the easiest way to catch leads who are ready to buy, convert them quickly, and […]

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