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Hushly Story

Hushly was founded by two serial entrepreneurs who have been in the marketing technology landscape for over 20 years.  Their previous company, Market2Lead, was a provider of demand generation and marketing automation software which Oracle acquired. 

After a few years they decided it was time to help companies solve a core problem that’s plagued B2B marketers for over two decades. 

The core problem is called abandonment.  B2B companies spend over $4.6 billion a year to drive traffic to their website and landing pages.  On average B2B sites are only converting just 3.06% from google ads as an example.  Meaning a whopping 96.4% of that traffic is abandoning.

When we started Hushly we used 4 guiding principles to solve the abandonment problem for B2B marketers.

  1. First, the solution needs to increase the user experience for a visitor.
  2. Second, it has to be easy to deploy and use for the marketer.
  3. Third, it needs to be agnostic to existing infrastructure and be additive–not a replacement of.
  4. Fourth, it has to deliver quality, which in this case is a verified business lead with an enriched business profile.

Hushly came out of stealth mode with the launch of our first product in 2017.  Our solution increased lead conversions, increased content engagement and increased data quality from day one.  

We flip today’s conversion experience of showing a traditional form fill then getting content to showing the visitor a preview of the content first.  This simple change in the user experience made it possible to increase lead conversions of in-market buyers on a companies landing pages by 51%.

We have continued to evolve our solution to address the needs of B2B marketers while keeping a forward looking mindset to where the market is going while not deviating off course from our four guiding principles.  If you haven’t explored what our software can do or taken a moment to look at our use cases we encourage you to do so.  

No matter if you’re a content marketer, demand generation marketer, or account based marketer we have a platform that can scale for you while delivering high ROI and at the same time provide buyers on your website with an unmatched web and content experience that can dynamically change based on who they are. 

Hushly Leadership Team

Geoff Rego

Co-founder & CEO


Varma Dendukuri

Co-founder & CTO


James Kessinger

Chief Operating Officer & CMO

Ai Collins

Ai Collins

Vice President, Revenue Growth


Kimberlee Stephens

Vice President, Customer Success


Arif Khan

Vice President, Data Science

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